Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

True Story Of A Patient That Won The Fight Against Testicular Cancer

It all started in summer 1998. In August, while cleaning the yard in my summer house I raised a subject that was quite heavy. Then I felt a severe pain in the right crotch. I thought that the pain will soon pass and everything will be fine. But I still had that same pain in the next few days.

I thought that by lifting heavy objects I had hernia, but despite the pain I had, I felt some inflammation in the area of ​​the right testicle. I started drinking a variety of antibiotics and painkillers. And it was a week as I lived in hope that the pain and the redness I had in the area of the right testicle will be gone.

On the eighth day I felt pain while lifting the testicles and even more strange I felt a node with the size of a pea and irregular shape on the right testicle. The next day I asked for medical help and doctors sent me to the Clinic of Urology. Doctors from the Urology Clinic made ​​all the necessary tests and set a diagnosis about a possible tumor of the right testicle.

Following the reviews, the results of the test for tumor markers were positive, i.e. markers were elevated. In September 1998 I had the first operation where the right testicle was removed. I want to mention that after the operation, the tissue was taken to a pathologist for further examination. Unfortunately, doctors concluded that we have a case of embryonic tumor on the right testicle.

I made a few months break, followed by a second major surgery. The operation took place in February 1999. Doctors made a so-called retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy, and removed lymph glands of the abdomen.

This operation is recommended in order to prevent the risk of metastasis throughout the body. The operation lasted for 7 hours under a complete anesthesia. I stayed in hospital for 23 days, in the Department of Urology and after that I was sent home. Meanwhile, I made another examination of tumor markers and the results showed they were in normal range.

After the operation in May 1999, I was sent to the Institute of Radiotherapy and Oncology, where I continued the treatment of four chemotherapy cycles. After I finished my chemotherapy treatment, the level of tumor markers was minimal, i.e. in its normal limits.


I had regular examinations at the beginning of every 3 months, then every 6 months and everything was fine. Regular controls included examination of tumor markers, abdominal scans, computer tomography of the abdomen and there was no change, meaning everything was OK.

No one expected that something would happen. It was in January 2004. In the area around my left testicle I felt the same pain I felt in the summer of 1998. Same pain, inflammation and deformities which appeared on the testicle. I made all the necessary examinations immediately.

The results showed that I had a tumor developed on the left testicle. I had another surgery, and doctors removed my left testicle. In February 2004, my urologist sent me to the Clinic for Oncology and Radiology to my doctor, who received me in the best possible way.

I explained her my medical history and she decided to continue my chemotherapy treatment again. I was receiving chemotherapy, every day, in the ambulance, in the hospital at the Institute. I received 3 chemotherapy cycles. Tumor markers were minimal after the first chemotherapy treatment.


And now there are nearly 7 years after the last chemotherapy treatment. I do all the necessary examinations regularly and the results so far are good.

Despite all the things I have been through, and taking in consideration I am one of the few cases where the tumor appeared on both testicles, I feel great. I have no prejudice of not being able to have a family, on the contrary I have a wonderful person who I soon plan to marry and together we want to have three children with the help of in vitro fertilization.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the entire staff at the Urology Clinic and the Institute of Radiotherapy and Oncology, primarily to my esteemed who worked tirelessly on our problems.

Even during her holiday, she was available and always looked for the right solution. Special thanks to the entire staff of the hospital and laboratory at the Institute of Radiotherapy and Oncology, as their relationship with all the patients is at the highest level. They generously give their help in every possible way and I have to thank them for everything I am today in this world.