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Overcome Cold And Flu Within 3 Days With This “Golden Honey” Mixture


It is about the strongest known natural antibiotic!

Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which drug stored are filled with, this remedy does not have any side effect. It is easily prepared and it is called golden honey!


Prepare mixture for 3 days in advance right after you notice the first signs of cold. Add one full tablespoon of turmeric in 3.5 oz / 100 grams of honey. Mix and place the resulting mixture in a glass bowl.

1 st day – consume half a teaspoon of the mixture on every half hour during the whole day.
2 nd day – consume half a teaspoon of the mixture on every two hours.
3 rd day – consume one teaspoon of the mixture three times during the day.

Usually the cold will be gone and your body healed within three day.

Important thing you should know:

If you are taking any kind of medicaments, before using this mixture you must consult your doctor because turmeric lowers blood pressure and may cause some problems.

It is dangerous to consume turmeric if you have gallbladder disease.