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Health Care Above All

Here is How To Lower Your Blood Pressure in Just 5 Minutes Without Any Medication!

The increased blood pressure in the modern age illness, related closely to stress, lack of sleep, and bad nutrition. Almost everyone has found himself in a situation of high blood pressure, regardless of the reasons. When we face stress or exaggerated physical activity, the muscles tend to tighten and the blood vessels increase the pressure.

According to a new Hardware study, high blood pressure is responsible for more than 15% of deaths in America only. But did you know that you can lower blood pressure without taking pills and pharmacy products? Even though blood pressure does not cause any symptoms, it is the main reason for causing stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, kidney failure and cognitive decline.


If you have not checked your blood pressure for 2 years or more, go to the doctor immediately and check it. If you are feeling ok and do not want to check your blood pressure, keep in mind that 28% of Americans have high blood pressure without them even knowing it, according to American Heart Association.

Even though pills and different types of medications can reduce blood pressure, they can also cause dizziness, insomnia and leg cramps. Fortunately, many people can decrease their blood pressure without using any medications.

What is it that you need to do, in order to decrease your blood pressure?

The muscles need to be relaxed as soon as possible. Sport’s medicine doctor, Lou Hansen, reveals secrets of Chinese medicine which are helpful in regulating the blood pressure in five minutes- without using any medication!

Spot no.1

This spot is actually a line which connects the earlobe and collarbone. You need to gently massage this line from the top down using your fingertips. Repeat this process ten times on each side.

Spot no. 2

This spot is located about half centimeter going from the earlobe to the nose. Massage the spot using your fingertips for one minute on each side. Press hard, without causing any pain. After the treatment, the blood pressure should be regulated.