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Amazing: Cat’s Purring Can Treat The Following Health Conditions


People are constantly talking about the blessings in our lives brought by pets. Cats’ purring is one of the leading methods of treatment these graceful animals apply on their owners.

Aware of the predicted effects that cats have on people, the staff in the “Animal Care” association from Pakistan made a useful guide with information from which you will learn the advantages brought by the cuddling animal around your legs.

It Reduces Stress

Vibrations, which are generated during the cat’s purring, have sedative-like effect onto human’s nervous system. This way the tension and stress we often feel when returning from work is being reduced.

Purring Diagnose

Doctors around the world are more aware of cats’ “powers”. Namely, after a series of studies, the doctors came to conclusion that cats’ purring varies from moments of enjoyment to warning people about a particular disease. Also, there has been proven study on cats’ purring type. Doctors claim the purring is different depending on the disease.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Regulating blood pressure is yet another thing cats are able to do. We do not say cats can replace medicaments, but they can surely affect your health in the most positive way.

Purring Strengthens Bones

According to world class orthopedics, the frequency between 25 and 200 Hz, which is produced during cat’s purring, is the best when it comes to strengthening our bones.

Reduces The Risk of Stroke

According to cardiologists’ last research, cat owners have 40% less chances of getting a stroke.

Removes Swellings And Infections

Experts claim that strong vibrations, caused by cats’ purring, can positively affect blood circulation, which contributes to faster infection elimination and faster reduction of swellings.

Purring Has Positive Effects on Muscles and Ligaments

Many professional athletes have noticed incredible positive effects of their cats in moments when their muscles have been very tired or when they had some sort of ligament or tendon injury. Scientists managed to prove this theory through a research. Since then, numerous sports physiotherapists recommend athletes to cuddle with their cats as much as possible.