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Health Care Above All

Why Is This Hidden From The Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily

According to numerous experts and alternative web pages, we often use the following 10 causes of cancer, but the truth has been hidden for us, due to the fact that pharmaceutical industry prefers to profit from cancer.


However, these are the 10 most common causes of cancer we commonly use:

Artificial sweeteners

Refined sugar is extremely harmful as it is GMO sugar beets, and it causes rapid spikes in the levels of insulin. Moreover, fructose found in soda drinks is also dangerous, as it includes caramel, which is a known carcinogen.  Soda acidifies the organism, which is beneficial for the development of cancer cells. Therefore, you should reduce your refined sugars intake and avoid sodas.

Hormones in meat and milk:

In order to increase the milk and meat production, numerous domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones, which may lead to cancer, inflammation, and various other diseases.

GMO soy and corn:

According to research, most of the soy sold in the United States is GMO. Therefore, you should avoid soy milk as it includes hemagglutinin, a compound which turns the red corpuscles into clots, and it also raises the levels of estrogen. Hence, you should use organic milk.

Fluoridated water

The fluoride in this water actually acts as a pollutant and eliminates the minerals, so it weakens the immune system. If possible, always drink spring water.

Commercial toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, creams

Remember that the products you apply to the skin, teeth and hair end in your bloodstream. Moreover, cancer can be caused by various colors, perfumes, animal by-products and other dangerous ingredients. Therefore, you should try and use organic and natural cosmetic products.

Canned Goods

Numerous cans include bisphenol- A (BPA), and it is also included in water lines, plastic containers, thermal paper, and dental composites. This compound was found to genetically change the brain cells in rats.

Toxic cosmetics

The largest body organ is the skin, and you should treat it with natural cosmetics, and avoid products which are rich in coal tar and petroleum, which are dangerous toxins and enter the bloodstream. There, they create a perfect environment for the development of cancer cells.

Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants

You should start using organic or homemade deodorants, ad in most cases, the breast cancer occurs near the armpit, in the upper quadrant, on the place we usually spray the deodorant, which is rich in aluminum.

Medicines, vaccines

You should take care of your health and find a doctor which will rather inform you of the healthy alternatives to treatments, instead of offering pills right away. Changes in your nutrition and lifestyle can help you effectively prevent this disease. Whenever possible, avoid taking drugs from the Big Pharma, as their primary interest is the financial profit.

Dental X-rays, mammography, scanners at the airport:

You should prevent these procedures or react on time, as these rays are extremely dangerous and may lead to cancer.