Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Bronchitis Requires Resting

Bronchitis is inflammation of the airways. It can be viral or bacterial, and if do not rest enough it can easily turn into pneumonia. Doctors warn that sudden change of environment and entering a cold room after you have been outside on a nice sunny day and vice versa, ... read more

Avocado – Fruit With Amazing Health Benefits

Scientists claim avocado, or alligator pear, is a fruit with highest nutritive value. This irresistible tropical fruit can be found in more than 80 types, divided in three groups: Mexican avocado, Guatemalan avocado and west Indian avocado. In this article we present you all the health benefits avocado provides. ... read more

Tips To Protect Your Eyes From Seawater

On the beach, in the sea or in some shadow, eyes need special attention. Sea salt, wind, sunlight, heat and sand can cause burning, redness and numerous other problems which can be easily avoided. Masks And Goggles There are two ways to avoid eye irritation: close your eyes while ... read more

Omega – 3 Fatty Acids Reduces Fatigue In Cancer Patients

Results from the latest study in the showed that consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Omega – 3 fatty acids reduce fatigue and increase energy, and these beneficial nutrients are mostly contained in fatty fish like salmon, tuna and ... read more