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Back Pain Causes And Treatments – Myths and Facts About Back Pain And Back Problems

It can be sharp and stabbing pain, but it cal also be dull. Sooner or later, eight out of ten people will experience back pain in their life. Back pain is very common, but so are the myths associated with it. Can you make a difference between myths and facts?

Myth: Always sit with your back straight

Yes, if you do not sit straight you will probably have problems with your back, but sitting too upright and peacefully for long periods can also hurt the back.

If you spend a long time sitting, try this several times a day: lean back on the chair with your feet on the floor and slightly bend your back. Even better: Try standing during the day, while talking on the phone or while reading your working material.


Myth: Do not lift heavy things

It is not about how much you lift, but the way you are lifting it. You should not lift anything that may be too heavy for you.

When lifting, squat close to the object with your back straight and head up. Stand up, using your legs to lift. Do not rotate and lean your body while lifting because you can hurt your back.

Myth: Bed rest is the best medicine

Yes, resting can help during an acute injury or strain that causes back pain. But, the theory that you should stay in bed every time you feel back pain is a myth. Laying in bed for day or two can increase the back pain.

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