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Health Care Above All

You Will Receive a Warning Sign by Your Body One Month before a Heart Attack- Here Are the 6 Concerning Signs

The leading cause of death in America is the heart attack. If you want to prevent becoming a heart attack victim, you need to recognize its symptoms.

The unhealthy diet and the busy lifestyle are practically the main reasons for the increased number of heart attack related deaths in the U.S. You should know that besides inflammation, the stress can also be a major reason for a heart attack.

Leading a healthy lifestyle without stress is the first and the most important thing with which you can protect yourself from a heart attack.

Nevertheless, you can save yours or someone else’s life by getting informed and discovering the key symptoms of this horrible disease one month before it happens.

Body Weakness

Weakened muscles and body weakness can be caused by the narrowing of the arteries that leads to less blood flow and circulation.

If you experience something like this, you need to be extra careful because this is one of the first heart attack symptoms.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats

The poor blood flow will lead to less supply of blood to the brain, and that will cause cold sweats and dizziness. This is also one of the clear signs that the body sends in order to tell you that something is wrong.

Your brain will not be able to operate properly, and your body will feel unwell and clammy. If you experience these symptoms, you need to be aware that these are important signs that show a possibility of experiencing a heart attack in near future.

Pressure in the Chest

Chest pain or pressure is one of the most important signs of a heart attack. The chest pressure or pain will increase as the potential heart attack approaches.

You should also be aware that you can experience pain in other parts of the body, such as in the back, arms and shoulders.

Flu or Cold

Many of the people who are heart attack survivors explain that they experienced symptoms of cold or flu right before they had a heart attack. It is good to know this fact since the symptoms of heart attacks are not addressed properly by many people.


Low blood flow to the heart might cause constant fatigue. The heart will work much harder than normal when it receives less blood, and that might be caused by narrowed arteries. We advise you to consult a doctor if you feel tired all of the time.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath can be another sign that your arteries are narrowed and your blood flow reduced. When this thing happens, your lungs are not able to receive the necessary blood flow in order to work properly.

It is known that the lungs and heart operate together, so if one system does not work properly, it negatively affects the other. That is the reason why shortness of breath can be found on this list.

All of these symptoms are very significant for preventing a possible heart attack. However, if you want to keep this deadly condition far away, you need to make sure that you lead a low-stress, healthy lifestyle.

The video below will explain the heart attack process