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Health Care Above All

You Don’t Use, But You Read It – Old Wives’ Remedies – Are Vain But No Medicine Has Tried Them So Far

Seniors will remember some “old wives remedies ”  that were used by older people for which the medicine has not found an appropriate effective replacement till this day.

Old wives were not ‘ignorant’ or had lack of medical knowledge – the people passed on what they knew from generation to generation. There were special people in the village, ones who treated tonsils, others infertility, third ulcers and so on.

Here are some that we remember – write us if you can think of others.

TONSILS – Children born in 60s and 70s rarely received injections for inflamed tonsils –old wives’ methods were simple. The pointing finger was disinfected, a little alcohol and sugar was poured on the finger–then the finger was placed in the child’s mouth and both of the tonsils were literally pushed–in this way they extruded the pus immediately, and the inflammation from the tonsils ended in seconds.

The only risk was the bite mark from the child.

However, find someone who has experience and who knows how to do this.



This method is simple. For this treatment you should lay on the stomach. Small glass cups are taken and small cotton is flamed. The cotton is poured into the glass and then placed on your back –it is a miracle because this does not burn the skin and draws it as vacuum – they say that after just one treatment the pain disappears. This method is also used for colds.


Old wives rubbed the affected area with ashes or soil– they also used basil.

Rub the affected area in order to extract the venom from the bee sting or other insect bites.


Massage the hand between your thumb and pointing finger. If you have inflamed tonsils, a ball part will appear – it needs to be pressed. If you have an infection, this would be very painful and almost unbearable. If a ball part does not appear or you do not feel pain, you do not have infected tonsils.

TEMPERATURE – Put socks soaked in vinegar, this helps in reducing temperature.

SORE THROAT–There are several recipes – wrap leek and grease around the throat, heated grease and pepper or garlic and heated brandy.

STUFFY NOSE-If you do not want your stuffy nose to wake you up at night, place chopped garlic and onions near where you sleep.

SWELLING–One cabbage leaf immediately calms the swelling. Against bumps, put chewed bread directly on the affected area and press it with your hands or with the metal part of a knife.

WARTS– Old wives rubbed the affected area with fig leaf – when you tear the fig leaf it emits a white liquid –you rub with this liquid. This liquid is also used for ear pain. Drop one to two drops.

HAIR LOSS – Use white garlic. Rub the affected area and only after one week your hair will begin to grow.

COUGH– Basil tea

HEADACHE–Put a potato on your head

TOOTHACHE – Put crushed garlic and salt on the affected tooth.

DIARRHEA – Peel an apple, chop it into pieces and cook it on steam until it softens. Eat one apple a day.

DIZZINESS – Eat a bowl of rice.

HOARSE VOICE – Gargle with salty water, or chamomile or parsley tea. Consuming raw egg is also one of the old wives’ recipes.

BAD BREATH – Chew fresh parsley leaf.

STOMACH ACID – Eat few grains of rice or swallow an olive seed.