Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

With Discovering These 4 Japanese Secrets Your Body Will Stay Slim and Healthy


It is widely known that if you want to keep your body slim and healthy, you will have to follow a healthy diet, exercise or drink sufficient amount of water.

Since every culture has its own rules and tips for leading a perfect life, the Japanese found 4 functional ways to keep their body healthy. You can check their rules below:

  1. If You Eat Like a Sumo Wrestler, You Will Look Like a Sumo Wrestler

The first thing sumo wrestlers do after they wake up is training which means that they do not eat breakfast in the morning. However, when they finish their training they have an enormous lunch.

It is usual for sumo wrestlers to have two massive meals during the day. This can lead to the conclusion that if you eat a lot it is not important how much you exercise because you are going to gain weight.

It is simple, if you eat massive amount of unhealthy foods, you will never get the desired results from your workout. You have to eat balanced diet, exercise regularly and follow good sleep patterns in order to get your body in a good shape.

  1. Warmth is Life

The food we eat represents our energy for survival. The fruits and vegetables which grow in the summer have the power to cool the body. This allows the body to adjust to the summer temperatures

Contrary to that, the foods which grow in the winter have more calories and provide warmth to our body during the cold winter days.

Even though raw fruits, vegetables and greens have a great impact on our health, we need to consume warmer foods once in a while. This means that you need to include nutrients in your diet. You should avoid drinking any liquids.

  1. During Your Meal

Japanese people think that drinking water or any other type of liquid during the meal can negatively affect the digestion. This happens because the liquids tend to cool the body and take away its warmth.

Some scientists state that water neutralizes the stomach acid which forces your body to spend more energy in order to finish the digestion. Fruits, vegetables and soup are great foods with which you can supply your body with liquids.

  1. A Hot Bath Prolongs Your Life

A hot bath can be highly beneficial to your health since it improves the blood circulation, relaxes the bodyand reduces stress. In Japan many people believe that with taking hot baths regularly you will improve digestion, cleanse the skin and prolong your life.It is claimed that the ideal temperature is 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit.

These rules are not accepted by many American people since they believe that the main cause of weight loss or weight gain is calories.

However, if we see the World Health Organization`s report on the longest lifespan, we will notice Japan on the top of the list. This is a proof that Japanese people must do something right.