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Health Care Above All

What The Pharmaceutical Industry Hides From You: The Tea That Cures Cancer!

Did you know that there is a free four-herb tea that can cure both cancer and aids? Well, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse has been using Essiac tea at her Bracebridge, Toronto clinic for more than 50 years to treat her patients suffering from cancer! 

She never asked much in return for giving the world this remedy. Until now, she has not returned one patients that needed treatment. After 1937 Rene even stopped charging her services to people in need.

Unfortunately, her ways of treating have received nothing but criticism by the Canadian ministry of Health, whereas private organizations refused to acknowledge the Essiac tea as a form of cancer treatment.

Although Rene used the tea for decades, it is actually a product discovered by ancient natives, who lived in north Canada.

Rene used to work as a nurse in a Canadian hospital in 1992, when an elder patient came for a visit. The patient had been suffering from a breast cancer 30 years ago. The woman lived near a distant Canadian mining area with her husband, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was advised to have her breasts removed.

However, the woman did not consent to a surgery and retrieved to her camp. There, she met a woman from the Ojibwe tribe that gave her a cancer curing remedy, showed her how to consume it and how to prepare the tea herself.

She followed the instructions and in a few months recovered completely.

Since Rene had and aunt and a stepfather ill of cancer at the time, this woman offered her the recipe and Rene managed to heal her family from cancer.

Afterwards, she began to use the recipe at the clinic she was working in from 1934-1942.

With this tea, she managed to heal many cancer patients at the hospital. She grew the tea on her own and gave it to the patients.

For this reason, she soon became the number pone government target, but was not arrested because she had massive support from the citizens in Bracebridge as well as from some doctors in the area.

As result of the massive support, Rene was allowed to cure cancer under certain conditions:

1) Only in dying cancer patients

2) Only if monitored by a certified doctor

3) Only if she did not charge her services

She agreed to all conditions and continued treating people.

Despite the testimonies of many people, the public did not know of Rene Caisse or her tea.

She stepped out in the public eye in 1977, just one year before she died.

Rene concluded an agreement with the ResperinCompany and believed they would legalize her tea. However, the company worked closely with the government and managed to keep the existence of this tea a secret.

Luckily, Dr. Gary Glum heard of the marvelous Essiac tea properties and began investigating.

He discovered that one person in Detroit has been cured from ovarian cancer with this tea only, so he bought the recipe from her and then went to Mary McPherson, a close acquaintance of Caisse that only confirmed the benefits of this tea.

Dr. Glum received valuable information about the tea consumption and use from McPherson and even wrote a book called ‘Calling of an Angel.’ This controversial book was published by him alone, since no publishing house wanted to take the risk to work on it.

Also, he published a book on the source of AIDS as an artificial disease for depopulation of the world.

Glum got himself in a great trouble for announcing the truth about Essiac tea and at one point was even threatened with death.

Glum’s book is difficult to find nowadays, even though some PDF version of it may still be available.

In a 1990 interview Glum confirmed that he had cured 5 patients diagnosed with AIDS by simply giving them Essiac tea three times a day.

He also treated patients diagnosed with cancer and also treated a boy diagnosed with terminal leukemia, who later on passed away from a heart attack, caused by a chemotherapy treatment.

Gary Glum found information of Dr. Charles A. Brush, who was the family doctor of late President John. F. Kennedy. Dr. Brush had a cancer treating clinic in Boston, Massachusetts and Rene Caisse worked with him from 1959- 1962.

Dr. Brush managed to treat many patients suffering from cancer by only using the Essiac tea. Ultimately, he was forced to keep quiet about his cure, so he didn’t end up in prison.

Here is the famous Essiac tea recipe:


  • 6 1/2 cups burdock root, chopped finely
  •  1 pound (500g) sheep sorrel herb powder
  •  1/4 pound (125g) slippery elm bark powder
  •  1 ounce (28g )Turkish rhubarb root powder

These ingredients provide around 7.5l of tea. Mix the ingredients well before you put them in water. Keep the content in a glass jar and take 30g of the mix with 900g water.

Prepare the tea for about 10-20 minutes, without covering it, and them cover it and leave it overnight.

In the morning, heat the liquid but don’t let it boil. Drain in a glass or ceramic bowl. Once you open the tea, you have to keep it refrigerated.

The dose depends of the disease’s progress. If you want to strengthen your immunity you need to take 56g a day. The dose can be three times higher at the most. It is also advised to use this dose three times a day at the most, depending on the severity of the disease. The tea needs to be refrigerated and heated when needed.

Also, a no-meat diet is required in patients suffering from AIDS, cancer and those who lack vitamins C and D.