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Warning: Cleaning Products That You Are Not Allowed to Combine!

When we need to clean up a certain stain in the house, we tend to combine several different cleaning products to solve the problem.

When you need to clean some kind ofstubborn stain in the house, you tend to combine several different cleaning productsin order to solve the problem with less trouble.

However, experts warn that the use of a chemical product can be safe only if you do not mix it with other similar products.

  • Two different types of products for cleaning the drain. Gels for cleaning the drain contain intensive chemicals that effectively kill bacteria.

If you do not remove the odor or the clogging after one use, it is better to call an expert as a plumber than to combine two or more different products.

These products contain powerful chemical formulas, so if they aremixed, they could cause an explosion or release vapor harmful to the health of your family.

  • Hydrogen peroxide and alcoholic vinegar. The combination of peroxide and vinegar is common in the household products for disinfecting kitchen surfaces.

Although it is a relatively safe combination, experts recommend that both of these products should not be mixed in the same container because this can create peracetic acid, which can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system of the person standing near it.

  • Bleach and alcoholic vinegar. In theory, this combination looks like a powerful remover of bacteria from your home, but in practice it creates gaseous chlorine which in small quantities can cause coughing, breathing problems and burning sensation and tearing of the eyes.
  • Bleach and ammonia. Ammonia is a common ingredient in cleaning products for glass windows. Experts recommend that ammonia should not be mixed with bleach because this combination creates chloramine.

This gas has a very similar effect on the human body as the gaseous chlorine, and causes pain in the fingers and lack of air in the lungs.

  • Bleach and medical alcohol. This is another in a series of chemical combinations whose inhalation causes difficulties in the respiratory tract. Experts advise that bleachshould never be mixed with other hygienic products, but just with