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Health Care Above All

Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (And How To Grow It)

Smoking is a truly nasty habit that is sometimes challenging to quit. Nicotine creates an addiction that makes it hard on people to stop smoking, and by this, great health risks may follow.

Nicotine gives a sense of dependency, and the more cigarettes people consume, the more addicted they become to it.

The lack of nicotine can manifest in anxiety and restlessness. This is the stage of withdrawal and although the physical symptoms may be gone, the nicotine cravings stick for a long time.

To give up smoking more easily, all you need is Stevia, a herb that has been known to annihilate the need for cigarettes.

Use Stevia To Quit Smoking

One German study has showed that Stevia is able to neutralize the nicotine cravings, as well as alcohol addiction.

This herb belongs to the chrysanthemum family, and is first derived from Paraguay. Here, Stevia has been used as natural remedy for centuries.

To kick off the no-smoking therapy, take a couple of Stevia drops to lose the desire to smoke. The tongue will react to the sensation in such way, that you won’t crave a cigarette again.

Stevia is easily found in pharmacies nearby, as powder and as liquid.

Aside from helping with smoking, Stevia can also regulate other health problems like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, it takes care of the skin in such way that it brings all nutrients it needs for the skin to stay smooth and soft. Because of this, Stevia can also treat acne and dermatitis as well.

Growing Stevia At Home

To do this, you will need a warm area, since Stevia is very sensitive to the cold. Although it may die in the winder, it regrows in the spring. During winter it can survive in zone 9 and sometimes in zone 8, too.

In case you are planning on planting Stevia in a container, you will need a 12-inch pot withigh-qualityty soil. Set planted herb in the sunlight and water whenever the top soil begins to dry off.

Soil, Planting And Care

The soil is very important for the Stevia growth, so if you use loamy, loose, and well-drained soil, Stevia will most likely grow up to 3 meters in height. Make sure to avoid frosty before planting Stevia. The soil has to be fed with Vegetable Plant food or Bonnie Herb, mainly to prevent the herb from drying off during the summer.


Adequate soil drainage is very important for Stevia to grow properly. If that is not the case, the roots are under the risk of rotting. You will know the herb is rotten if it becomes wilt and sees no effect after watering.

Harvest And Storage

Once Stevia blooms, trim the flowers, so that more leaves can grow. During the fall, Stevia produces a great amount of white flowers. Trim the blooms, so more leaves can begin to grow.

The end of autumn is the best time to consume the leaves, since they are the sweetest. Also, the leaves taste the best before the blooming process starts. The best way to consume these leaves is if you dry them out first. Cut the stems and then strip the leaves.  To do this right, place them on woven fabric or outdoors.

It usually takes up to a day to dry out leaves sufficiently. Then collect and place them inside to prevent moist from coming in contact with them. For better options, you can use a food dehydrator.  When you get dry leaves, crush or grind them. Keep them in an airtight container.

Use leaves to make food and drinks sweeter.