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Top 5 Foods That Reduce The Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

In case you include all of the following ingredients into your daily diet the risk of getting breast cancer is almost impossible

Some scientists think that by including certain ingredients into your daily diet you can significantly reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Here are the 5 ingredients you should include into your daily diet immediately.


Pomegranate’s ellagic acid can protect you from breast cancer because it prevents the production of estrogen and it also prevents development of malignant cells in the breast.



This fish is rich source of good fats – the essential omega-3 fatty acids and large number of analyses has shown that woman who intake larger amounts of salmon have 14% less chances of getting breast cancer. If you, by any chance, cannot buy salmon, you can always deep-freeze fish such as sardines, black cod and mackerel as a substitute to salmon.

Sweet Potato

Carotenoids which can be found in sweet potato consists compounds which regulate the growth and immunity of the cells. As a substitute to sweet potato you can use pumpkin, carrots and any dark green vegetable.

Green Tea

This tea is rich in polyphenols – antioxidants with a lot of health benefits for your overall health including breast cancer. Woman who drink at least one cup of green tea a day have less chances of getting breast cancer.


Woman who enter 10 grams of mushrooms a day or more have 2/3 less chances of getting breast cancer compared to those who does not eat mushrooms.