Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

This is What Happens When You Touch These Points On Your Body

Acupressure is a treatment option that most Western Cultures do not consider. However, those in China and other Asian countries have recognized the effectiveness of this treatment for centuries.

Using acupressure for 30 minutes per day is a good way to return energy to the systems of the body that the point is associated with.



This also helps the individual that is focused on weight loss to work toward success because they are helping the body to improve its function, to metabolize fats and use up the calories consumed in energy and not store them away to add to the fat stores already present on the body.

Then, additional fat stores are used up as well and the weight loss effort is successful. Using pressure on certain points like those on the ankle or knee can be very helpful to the efforts of the individual and can improve the body’s functions at the same time.


 The point on the ankle helps deal with issues with the spleen and strengthens the digestive system. To be effective, the thumb or knuckle should be applied to the spot two inches above your ankle, just off the bone and on the inner side of the leg. This spot should have pressure applied and then allow the pressure to release slowly.

 After using the pressure point on the ankle and finding success, you may want to consider trying some of the following methods for issues you may have.


 For digestion improvement and also nourishment for the blood, press on the spot on the outer side of the leg, two inches below the knee cap. Using your forefinger, apply pressure for one minute. Then release. If you repeat this for a total of two minutes a day, you will notice improvement in your stomach function.


 A pressure point three centimeters below the belly button helps the digestive system function at its optimal levels and also provides strength for the body.

Apply pressure with two fingers on this spot and then massage by moving fingers up and down. Continue this for two minutes and repeat daily for optimal effects.

Called the abdominal sorrow point, this particular point helps with digestion. It is located on the last rib of the body and requires you to curve your fingers and apply pressure for five minutes. In order to notice a difference, this should be done once a day.


 On the inner side of the elbow, at the end of the crease, is the spot to use to stimulate intestinal functions. It should be pressed using the thumb, and the pressure should be held for one minute. For the best effects, this should be done once daily.


 Pressing on the point that is just in front of the ear, where your jaw movement can be felt the most, helps control appetite, which is beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Use a finger and place pressure on that point for one minute.