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This is the Most Efficient Drink That Speeds Up Metabolism Instantly

When it comes to weight loss, the best manner is to start a healthy diet and incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routines. However, this is the most efficient drink that speeds up metabolism instantly.

Contrary to the popular trends of trying certain superfoods one week and then switching to a new list of must-haves the following week, the ingredients in this particular drink are much more long-term when it comes to the proven efficiency of consumption.


It also is easy to make, tastes great and includes regular-sounding ingredients: tangerine, mint and green tea. Who wouldn’t find that mixture appealing, even without the added bonus of boosted metabolism and increased efficiency for your weight loss efforts?

Dr. Oz Recipe

 Using eight cups of brewed green tea, mix one sliced tangerine and a handful of mint leaves in a large pitcher. Leave overnight and drink the contents of one pitcher per day to fully gain the discussed benefits.

Those benefits include a 12% improvement in metabolism from the green tea, increased sensitivity to insulin thanks to the tangerine and also stimulation for genes that burn fat.

 Tips for the Caffeine Sensitive

 Using four to six cups of green tea can decrease your exposure to caffeine, even considering that green tea only has 24 to 40 mg per 8 oz. Cup. Simply add water to make up for the cups of green tea that you eliminated.

For those who typically attempt to avoid all caffeine, that can provide a significant buzz when you are attempting to drink the eight cups recommended here, so the four to six cup choice may be better, at least to start.

Remember that the recipe calls for steeping overnight, so be sure to use organic fruits and leaves, since it would be unknown what pesticides or other elements you may be exposed to when using non-organic varieties.

Also, the mint seems primarily for taste purposes, so that part of the recipe is flexible based on your personal preferences. If so preferred, it is likely that thyme, basil or another taste can be substituted without detracting from the benefits of the drink.

This drink can be helpful as a cooling refreshment during warmer seasons, and it can provide a great jolt for those cooler months as well. This makes it an ideal choice for speeding up your metabolism and helping with weight loss no matter what time of year you decide to take the weight loss plunge.

People tend to get tired of water, even though the continual consumption of water helps with weight loss and also helps the body complete many necessary processes. Drinking this beverage helps the body get water it needs while providing a refreshing taste and a boost to your metabolism, all at the same time.

Therefore, use the alternative to water and give your weight loss efforts the boost they need for you to reach that goal in a timely manner. Keep in mind that losing more than one to two pounds a week is not a healthy rate of weight loss.