Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

This is so far an Unknown Cure for the Blood Sugar: One Egg and a Secret Ingredient, Here’s how it’s Prepared!

Diabetes is a very common problem that affects many people around the world. Common symptoms of diabetes include: frequent night urination, thirst, rapid weight loss, reduction or slow healing of wounds, blurred vision and fatigue.

All of this leads to serious health problems, such as poor vision, blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease and heart disease.



Boil an egg in the evening and peel it, then make a few holes in it. Then, place it in a bowl and pour vinegar. Allow it to stay like that overnight. In the morning, only eat the egg, but do not consume the rest of the vinegar that is not absorbed.

During the meal drink a glass of warm water to which you need to add a tablespoon of vinegar.

Another effective way of reducing the blood sugar levels is with cinnamon.

Many studies proved that the cinnamon acts effectively on lowering the blood sugar, blood fat and cholesterol in general.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is the dried bark from the laurels family. The bark from the cinnamon tree is peeled into small pieces, fermented and then dried and rolled. The pieces that are sold in markets are used in this form or crushed into a powder form.




The ancient Egyptians used cinnamon to destroy bacteria, and they combined it with other substances for embalming dead bodies. In the past, there were shops and exchanging goods from Sri Lanka, from where the cinnamon actually originates.

We know that even in the past the cinnamon was seen as something divine. It provides a wonderful taste to biscuits, various chocolate delicacies, as well as canned fruits.

When it is mixed with sugar, it gives a wonderful taste to rice pudding and pancakes. Everyone knows its sweet, warm aroma and taste. Since ancient times there is a record of cinnamon in the Sahra-Samitha book.

In the book it is written:Cinnamon stimulates the blood circulation and warms up the body.  It allows the body to stay healthy, protects the metabolism from diseases, and it also has a great effect on bites from snakes and insects.

Encourages urination, calms the nervous system, stimulates the uterus and is an aphrodisiac for men and women. Cinnamon acts against inflammation of the body, helps with coughing, inflammation of hemorrhoids and regulates the blood sugar.

Cinnamon and diabetes TODAY

The research results published in 2004 demonstrated that cinnamon can have a great effect on individuals who suffer from Type 2 diabetes or those at risk of disease.

The Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, the United States, concluded that regular consumption of cinnamon can achieve increased insulin in the body.

In one research activity, a group of volunteers who suffer from Type 2 diabetes received a daily dose of cinnamon in a form of a capsule after a meal.

Another group of volunteers received placebo, which had a taste and appearance as cinnamon, without the properties of cinnamon. Participants-volunteers did not know in which group they belong.

After 40 days, the group that consumed cinnamon had 18% to 29% more reduced sugar levels than the placebo. Cholesterol was also 12% to 26% lower in almost all participants that took cinnamon.

After the completed testing, the blood sugar levels increased again. This means that tablets of cinnamon are very effective and simple means of maintaining blood sugar levels to normal.

So start thinking about your future and health.

Cinnamon is a natural product

Researchers accidentally discovered that cinnamon significantly reduces blood sugar. Some patients under a treatment with Cinnamon Plus were shocked when the symptoms of diabetes completely disappeared.

In laboratory attempts, the MHCP (active ingredient of cinnamon) had the same effect on the amount of sugar in the blood as insulin, and it improves the absorption of glucose into cells.

After this discovery researchers analyzed the effect of the 60 people tested in Pakistan who suffer from diabetes type 2. People with this diabetes can produce insulin, but their body more sensitive to it.

Cinnamon in diabetics reduces sugar and fat in the blood. With regular use of cinnamon the LDL cholesterol decreases from 7% to 27% and triglycerides by 23% to 30%. Therefore, Cinnamon Plus will help you to prevent heart disease.