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This Herb Will Solve the Problems With Your Eyes, Vision and Eye Pressure Even in People Older Than 70 Years!

Eyebright or EuphrasiarostkoViana (synEuphrasiaOfficinalis) is a natural remedy which has been used for treating all eye-related problems since the 14th century.

The legend says that this plant was named after the Greek migrate Euphrosyiniwhich translates to ‘joy’, and was known as Euphrasia in the Roman times.

With its properties to heal the eyes, it definitely deserves to be called joy. People also believe that this herb is capable of improving the vision even in those over 70 or 80 years.


This plant can grow up to 2-7 inches and has deep cut leaves and white or purple blooms. July and September are the months that represent its blooming season. In order to thrive, this plant needs the vicinity of grass since it is parasitic in nature.


Around July or August this plant is in its blooming stage and provides an extract that contains chemical compounds like tannin – Euphrasia-Tannin acid, glucose, and mannitol, which is a crystalline that is water-soluble and sweet-tasting alcohol.


This plant is widely recognized in the alternative medicine since it helps in treating many types of eye infections.

Eyebright is a very powerful remedy which can also encourage the healing process and kill eye viruses and bacteria that are probably the cause of your eye dryness and pain.

The extract of this plant can be used instead of eye drops because it can reduce the eye inflammation that is caused by inflammation of the eyelash follicles and conjunctivitis which is an inflammation of the outermost layer of the white part of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelid.


Eyebright extract is an especially beneficial agent that helps in curing hay fever, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections, and catarrh (inflammation of the mucous membranes).

It is also used as an astringent for dry congestion. If you suffer from bronchial cold, you can use it as herbal smoking mix. Eyebright extract is the perfect herb against your allergies and nasal irritations.


This herb will help the process of healing the wounds but you need to apply it topically on the affected skin or use it as a compress. This is also the perfect way of treating acne or skin inflammation. You can also tighten your skin by using cold eyebright compresses.


For adults it is recommended to take 2-4 grams of eyebright up to three times a day. If you want to make a tea with this herb, you just need to mix 200ml of boiling water with 2 tablespoons of this dried herb.

Stir occasionally and let the mixture stay like that for 15 minutes. Strain it and drink the tea without adding sugar. Drink this tea three times a day. If you use eyebright as eye drops, one drop 1-5 times a day is recommended.


You can buy eyebright in your store or online. It is available in the form of liquid, loose dried leaves, tablets, tincture, powder and oil.