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Health Care Above All

This Drink Can Cure Diabetes in Just 5 Days- Doctors Shocked!

Four years ago a man was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. For his treatment he took various medications everyday but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, he discovered a remedy that helped him to get rid of his diabetes in a very short period of time. When doctors have seen the results, they were completely shocked.

When the medications did not work, he chose to cure himself with a natural remedy and started consuming fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. He gained positive results and got rid of the diabetes completely!

At first he did not know that he was suffering fromthis horrible disease and found out by accident. His first symptom that made him worried was his constant feeling of thirst. Even though he went to the doctor, his condition was worsened.

His doctor told him that his pancreas was not functioning since his sugar level was 29. This resulted in him taking insulin every day in order to stay alive.

He started taking the prescribed medications and regularly took insulin. He also started to do sports in order to become physically more active.

This was not a good method of treating diabetes and after some time he discovered that his condition got even worse. Because of his week immune system, he started to suffer from many other diseases. As a result of taking too much medicine his triglyceride levels elevated to 16 and the blood pressure was 150/100.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve he decided to make changes in his life and solve his terrible health problem. When he succeeded, the doctors were completely surprised.

He saw an interview with Dr. John Zirdum on a show called “The Edge of Science”. This doctor consumed only raw foods for 12 years and managed to cure his disease. This man tried the same approach, bought a blender and found out a recipe that later saved his life.

Even though he experienced temptations in the beginning, he overcame them. The results were surprising and his blood sugar levels were reduced to 5.

He tried many medications in order to obtain the same results but nothing seemed to help him like this fantastic natural beverage. He even stopped taking insulin since he was sure that his sugar levels will not be increased by his new diet. He said that he will start using insulin again only if his blood sugar levels increased, but this never happened.

He lost 11 kilograms in only 25 days and this continued to happen.

Doctors were shocked from the results because with using this remedy he became a completely new person in only 4 mounts. He managed to lose 20 kilograms, got rid of the insulin and succeeded to stabilize his blood pressure reducing it 120/70 and the triglyceride levels were 1.4. He does not take medications but leaves a healthy and happy life:

Here is the recipe for this fantastic beverage:


  • 5 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • a handful of kale


Place all of the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl. Pour half a liter of water over them.


In the morning, drink half a liter of this beverage and try to consume the rest throughout the day.


If you ever decide to try this type of diet, you need to be very careful! You have to consume fresh fruits and vegetables but you also need to add tuna in your daily food consumption. Tuna is recommended for itshigh amounts of vitamin B12.

You will never feel hunger if you try this remedy. This fantastic beverage will change your life. You will notice its benefits in a very short period of time. And remember, this remedy left doctors shocked!