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Health Care Above All

This Acid is a Strong Remedy for Damaged Cartilage and Bone

From all the signs of aging, one of the least favorable is the reduction of flexible joints in the body. For example, a bad knee and aging of the skin can now be effectively treated with the remedy called hyaluronic acid (HA).

“This substance is full of binders such as egg whites, but not as thick,” says Jason Theodosakis, a physician and co-author of a remedy for arthritis. “In joints, it works to ease movement and absorb impact.” In faces, it gives the skin volume and shape.

Hyaluronic acid comes as a supplement in the form of injection. Some people believe that besides the cushioning joints and filling in wrinkles, in form of a pill, in particular, it may also increase your longevity.

Hyaluronic acid has become big news a few years ago when it was approved for the treatment of arthritis of the knee by the FDA.

And the good news is that unlike many other types of arthritis therapy, you will quickly find out whether the first application of this treatment works for you. “If it helps, you should begin to feel better in just few weeks,”- says Theodosakis.

Consult your doctor and ask for hyaluronic acid if you have a similar problem as this disease, or consult with a pharmacist.