Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

These 21 Facts About The Human Body Will Amaze You

Human body is extraordinary. Our body does things on its own and we do not even know it. Next time when you get nervous about something you could not done do not be disappointed – your body is perfect! It is a super machine!


  1. Eye muscle move 100.000 times a day.
  2. Your belly button is a home for thousands of bacteria that has their own eco-system.
  3. A person can produce 25.000 liters of saliva in its lifetime.
  4. Our noses have the ability to remember 50.000 different smells.
  5. Red blood cells travel throughout out body in 20-30 seconds.
  6. Our eyes are very sensitive. If the Earth was flat we would be able to see a candle 50 kilometers away.
  7. More than 90 % of our cells come from fungus and bacteria.
  8. Our muscles are much stronger than we think they are. Our strength is limited in order to protect us from harm. We go over our limits when there is a lot of adrenaline production in our organism.
  9. A grown man is composed of 7 octillion atoms.
  10. Our eyes can detect 10 million different colors.
  11. People are the best marathon runners.
  12. Our eyes produce light in complete darkness. We are unable to see that light because it is 1000 times less than what we can see.
  13. Babies have 60 more bones than grownups.
  14. When we are in love our body produces the same hormones as the ones produced under the influence of amphetamine.
  15. Half of our DNA is the same as bananas’.
  16. Our brain produces enough electricity to light a light bulb.
  17. The strongest muscle in our body is a muscle located in the jaw called masseter.
  18. If our brain is a computer it could perform trillions of operations at the same time.
  19. Our body produces 25 million new cells every second.
  20. Human brain can read 1000 words in 1 minute.
  21. During our lives we waste about 40 kilograms of skin.