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Health Care Above All

The Healing Power Of Rose Hip

Rose hip is a type of rose widespread in every part of the world. It is also called “dog rose” which is a direct translation of its Latin scientific name (Rosa Canina).

Rosehip is a perennial deciduous shrub which can reach a height of 1 to 5 meters. It grows in all regions with temperate continental climate, but it is notable that bushes growing on higher altitude give more fruit.


Young branches are covered with spines, same as other rose varieties. The flower is pink, giving small red oval fruits which are the main reason why rosehip is so popular.

Rosehip fruit is used for making tea, jam and marmalade. It is widely distributed in folk medicine and is used as universal medicine against cold and viruses. Rosehip fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C and all products rosehip gives are known to be one of the best sources of this vitamin.

The fruits remain on the tree during the winter, after leaves fall. It is best to pick rosehip fruits in January and February. The second phase includes drying and cleaning process, when seeds are being removed. As a final product, dried rosehip fruits can be used in various ways.