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The Evidence is Strong: Cancer Can be Cured With This One Simple Juice

This may come as a surprise to you, but intense consumption of carrot juice has helped some people to cure advanced cancers. It is about an underground group of people who somehow managed to reach to others. Ann Cameron, a successful author of 15 children’s books is probably the most over-ground.

Ann is the author of “Curing Cancer With Carrots,” and her book also enjoyed favorable reviews, mostly because of its thoroughness. You can read more about her story and the book later in this article.


Dr. Max Gerson was the first to include the carrot juice treatment in the cancer therapies. He started in the 1930s, and his heavy juicing, mostly consisted of carrots and apples, followed by coffee enema protocol, had great success in every country it was clinically practiced, including Germany, France, New York, San Diego, and Tijuana, Mexico. Charlotte Gerson, his daughter, and her son, Howard Straus, run the clinic in Tijuana.

How did the carrot juicing started in the USA?

Before freaking out about the high natural fructose content in carrots that would supposedly stimulate the cancer growth, think again, and take into consideration the success of the Gerson protocol that worked amazing for so many years.

The 91-year-old Jay Kordich is the father of the American juicing. Kordich is author, speaker, and a public figure.

According to Jay, cancer cells can not easily use natural sugars contained in carrots, which is not the case with processed sugars contained processed food products that easily stimulate the cancer growth. Carrot juice has high nutritional value which is beneficial for the healthy cells only.

In 1948 Jay went to New York, to Dr. Gerson’s clinic. He wanted to consult the doctor about his bladder cancer. Dr. Gerson explained him how carrot juice molecular structure actually resembles blood’s molecular design.

After Jay Kodrich successfully cured his cancer, he became the “Juice Man.” Of course, carrot juice is not his only option, as he uses different vegetables for his juices, but he still recommends fresh carrot juice as a perfect cure for cancer. He used to add an apple, too.

Introducing the Underground carrot juicing to the cancer network

Let’s get back to the story of Ann Cameron. She juiced five pounds of carrots to cure her cancer. Ralph Cole’s experience helped her to discover this remedy. Ralph Cole cured his cancer in 2006, and his therapy consisted of five or more cups of fresh carrot juice (five pounds) a day.

Ralph cured his cancer completely, and he had heard about this treatment from two women who were diagnosed with more dangerous cancers, and still completely cured themselves. At that time, the carrot juice underground network was partially exposed.

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