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The Cause of Heart Disease: High Cholesterol or Calcium ?

Accumulations of calcium in blood vessels are crucial for the occurrence of heart attack and stroke, stated the US scientists. Statins, drugs prescribed to people suffering from high cholesterol can prevent heart attack or stroke. However, are they really necessary?

The latest research conducted by US scientists brought to the topic the regularity of the frequent prescription of statins to people with high cholesterol levels.


Scientists claim that many people do not benefit from the use of these drugs because the cholesterol level is not what matters, but the calcium in the body sure does.

The study, involving over 1,000 people, showed that statins have helped only the patients who had calcium deposits in blood vessels (calcification). Calcium makes blood vessels stiff (rigid) and increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

Half of the respondents had more deposits of calcium in the blood vessels and actually it was them who suffered 95 % of the total number of heart attacks and strokes or deaths related to heart disease during the five-year study.

Scientists claim that calcification is primarily caused by genetic predisposition and aging, but also from poor lifestyle: lack of physical activity, inappropriate nutrition, smoking.

However, scientists do not understand why these factors lead to accumulation of calcium in the blood vessels. This process is not related to the amount of calcium entered through food.

Only 5 % of respondents who did not had higher accumulation of calcium in blood vessels have developed heart problems. If calcium is really important, and not cholesterol, this thesis could explain why 75 % of people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol level.