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Health Care Above All

The Best Weight Loss Tips By Doctor Oz

No matter how hard you try, you still have extra pounds? If you have had enough of all those special diet regimens and frustrations coming out of them, maybe the popular doctor Mehmet Oz has the solution for you!

You know well some of these advices, so it is not necessary to explain them additionally:

  • Use small plates;
  • Drink a glass of water if you are hungry;
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day;
  • Do not eat and watch TV or read at the same time;
  • Never starve yourself;
  • Do not give up on your special diet regimen;
  • Walk or run every day;

Chop Your Food

Chopping your food will help you reduce the amount of food you eat and at the same time you will send information to your brain that you eat more. Looking at a full dish will send signals to your brain saying you should stop eating.

Carbohydrates For Breakfast

Choose barley, other grains or wholegrain products. In this way you will satisfy the need of carbohydrates, and you will still have the whole day ahead to do some physical activity.

Eat Something Chili For Breakfast

You all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so here is another advice: Eating something chili during the breakfast will reduce your appetite during the lunch, says doctor Oz. The taste of chili peppers affects the satiety center in your brain, so you will not be that hungry later.

Eat Something Sour Before your meals

Sour vegetables contain a secret weapon: acid. Acid in food helps maintaining blood sugar and insulin to a normal level. It is enough to eat two sour pickles before your meals and you will eat less.


Eat A Bowl Of Hot Soup

A bowl of hot soup before your lunch will help you consume less calories. How? Eating hot soup slowly gives your brain time to understand you are full, so you will eat less of the main dish.

Cheese As A Snack

Recent researches have shown that replacing snacks with cheese and vegetables can reduce the amount of food you eat up to 72%. Cheese and vegetables combination provides enough calcium and protein, so you will not have to eat too much in order to feel full.

Order Child Servings

If you get unstoppable desire for fast food, choose smaller portion. In this way you will satisfy your desire and you will not double the amount of calories you consume.


Vanilla Scent

It is well known that different aromas and scents have a huge impact on your brain, and vanilla scent can stop the desire of eating something sweet.

Eat Before The Main Dish

Your mother was right, having a snack before your lunch really kills appetite. Eat at least 15 almonds or hazelnuts,  or some fruit. This will help you feel less hungry and you will not eat that much for lunch.