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The Best Natural Remedies For Warts

Everyday use of some treatments and remedies can help you remove warts without any medical intervention.

Warts (condyloma) are caused by a virus, specifically, the human papillomavirus. They commonly appear on the hands, fingers and feet, but the can also develop on other parts of the body.

Medical procedures for treating warts usually include burning or freezing. Both procedures can be traumatic and this kind of treating can leave scars on the skin.

There are natural and painless methods that do not cause trauma, bleeding and scars. Usually it takes longer for the natural remedies to show the desired effect, but almost always the result is permanent removal of warts without any side effect.

Banana Peel

You can try this at your home, and this method has been used for centuries. Take a piece of banana peel and apply it with its inner side directly on the wart. Tighten the peel using a handkerchief or a tape, so it can stay attached during the night.


Remove the peel in the morning when you get up. Repeat this procedure once you notice some dead skin on the wart. Remove it gently (if the skin does not fall off easily, do not be persistent, otherwise it will turn into a sore) and keep treating the wart until it disappears completely.