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Health Care Above All

The Ancient Black Seed is a Powerful Remedy Until This Day

If you have not heard of black seed yet, believe you are not the only one. Little is known about black seed, but lately its use is more common and, that is rightfully so.

For centuries black seed has been used in the traditional and alternative medicine, and lately is increasingly taking place in the conventional medicine. Recent research shows that black seeds can be used to treat multiple disorders for which are prescribed different medications.

Before more than 2,000 years, with a goal to treat or cure a variety of ailments from headaches to parasitic infections, small black seeds were used in various meals.The healing power is proven by the fact that this seed was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

It is also known that Cleopatra used it for medical and cosmetic purposes. The Greek doctor Dioscorides used black seed to treat headaches, nasal congestion, toothache and intestinal parasites.

Hippocrates, the founder of today’s medicine, believed that black seed is a valuable medicine for disorders of the liver and digestive system.

It is considered to have positive effects in asthma, allergies, flu, joint pain and intestinal problems.

The black seed can help in reducing the high blood pressure

The black seed has a role of an antioxidant, acts as a diuretic and lowers the high blood pressure. One research in 2013 proved that eating 5 ml of black seed oil within 8 weeks, contributes a significant reduction in blood pressure without any side effects.

It is useful in the treatment of cancer

Studies say that the ingredient thymoquinone, which is found in black seeds, can cause death to cancer cells and reduce metastasis in breast cancer, melanoma, cancer of the uterus, bone cancer and leukemia. In addition, positive effects have been observed in pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

It is assumed that black seed increases the sensitivity of cancer cells under the effect of chemotherapy. Considering that we are talking about invitro studies, more research is needed in order to confirm the anticancer properties of black seed.

It can help to stabilize blood sugar levels

The subject of one survey was the link of black seed and its properties to reduce blood sugar levels, with emphasis on women in menopause. It showed that 1 gram of black seed per day, which is consumed within 2 months, can significantly reduce the blood sugar levels.