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Health Care Above All

The 7 Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification

Are you aware of the degree of pollution of the air in our homes? It’s even more polluted than the air outside! Household appliances, furniture, wallpaper, PVC joinery are things that pervade the air in our homes and offices with toxic substances like phenol, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene etc.

The result is dreadful- air containing dust and germs that affects our health in a negative way! Polluted air that brings about allergies and  all kinds of respiratory diseases..


However, there is solution to everything! Setting up plants inside the rooms is a good idea. These plants will have the effect of a biological filter. By collecting dust on their leaves they release oxygen ad absorb harmful elements in the air.

As a recommendation by NASA these plants purify the air to the highest level. And here are the seven most useful plants of this sort:

1. The perfect choice for smoking areas is scheffera also known as umbrella tree. Nicotine and tar, substances found in cigarettes and smoke are absorbed and neutralized with the help of this plant. It is kept in rooms where light is dominant and it doesn’t need much watering

2. The next useful plant you could use for purifying the air, especially of benzene is Epipremnum aureum, or “golden creeper”. It is characteristic for its broad leaves that are able to absorb harmful substances such as benzene. This plant doesn’t require any special conditions for keeping it and it is easily frown.

3. The tropical plant called Dracena is the one that neutralizes formaldehyde, a gas that is frequently used for producing disinfectants and plastics. It also filters many other toxins in the air. Dracena shouldn’t be kept in the draft and  it shouldn’t be  placed directly towards the sun.

4. Functioning as a perfect decoration for your windows, Hlorofitum will also absorb gas emissions in a very effective way.  So , this plant is the perfect solution for people who live on the first and second floor.

5. One of the healthiest plants to purify the air in the room is the so called Salon Chamaedorea palm (Chamadorea elegans-Happiness palm) It filters harmful substances emitted by plastics and it gives the air a special moisturizing.

6 and 7. Hedera helix (English room ivy) and Ficus benjamina (or Weeping fig)

Hedera helix (English room ivy) and Ficus benjamina (or Weeping fig)  take the first place in purifying the air. They are famous for their  natural ability to filter  benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

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