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Health Care Above All

Terrifying Prognosis: Banal Diseases Will Soon Cause Many Deaths

Due to the excessive use of antibiotics, bacteria create a drug resistant mechanism which could lead to total inefficiency of antibiotics in twenty years, warn scientists.

Some bacteria already secrete chemicals that destroy antibiotics, some just “push” the antibiotic out of the cell, while others embed in some parts of the organism, unavailable to antibiotics.

Especially dangerous are those staphylococci types that cause skin and airway infection, and are considered to be responsible for most of the contaminated food cases. They are extremely resistant to antibiotics, and often antibiotics have no power over them.


Antibiotics can be found everywhere, even in food, particularly in meat, eggs and milk.

Alternative medicine suggests that the use of silver and natural (herbal) antibiotics can be the solution. But, for the official medicine, just two methods provide promising efficacy.

The antibody-based serum therapy, developed in 1925, brought Nobel Prize to Emil Adolf von Behring.

The virotherapy consists of viruses attacking bacteria, developed by scientists from East Europe, and it provides excellent results so far.

These two techniques are almost forgotten since the massive use of antibiotics has started, but today many doctors consider them as an immediate solution, actually, until a new generation of antibiotics is created.