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Spread The World: Cell Phone Use Can Double Your Risk of Getting Cancer!

Do you know how much radiation is emitted from your cell phone or home Wi-Fi? Do you know the ways in which radiation from cell phone antennas can affect human DNA?

For those of you who think that the negative impacts from electronic devices are just a conspiracy theory without any connection to the truth, we are here to tell you the latest scientific findings which show the connection between DNA and wireless technologies.


DNA Has Properties of a Fractal Antenna

The first fractal antennas were used on the famous field near Gakona, Alaska, where HAARP was installed. After decades of minimization, fractal antennas were found in combination with RFID chips from consumer goods to home antennas for capturing television programs as well as mobile phones containing thin fractal antenna that were installed inside these enclosures.

In 2011, a research team led by Dr. Martin Blank, discovered that human DNA is a fractal antenna. Dr Blank is one of the world’s investigators in the field of cellular and molecular effects that create EMF fields. His discovery was published in the International Journal of Radiation Biology entitled “DNA is a fractal antenna and electromagnetic fields.”

This study shows that DNA has two fractal antenna-structural characteristics: electronic conduction and self-symmetry. DNA resembles a large continuous spiral with a number of “sections” that look like pieces of each complex fractal antenna.

Although scientists like Popp and Garjarjeva were practicing bio-photonics and the flow of information into and out of the DNA three decades ago, no one could prove how DNA actually received and transmitted information.

Blank’s study also revealed that our DNA is extremely responsive to electromagnetic fields — even to a greater extent than other tissues in our bodies. Dr. Blank confirmed in his speech, entitled “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”, which he gave in late 2010, that he was extremely concerned about the continuous microwave radiation with which our genetic material was bombarded.

A study at Columbia University was especially interesting because it showed that the interaction between DNA and EMF (electromagnetic field) and RF (Radio Frequency) is negative.

When DNA is found in connection with EMF and RF, high levels of stress proteins are being released in some DNA parts, followed by scientific observation, the DNA helix are separated and fall apart. In other words non-iodized radiation destroys human DNA. Blank believes that the main reason for such a violent reaction can be found in the compact structure of the nucleus DNA and of course its properties of fractal antenna.

Human DNA responded the most aggressive to ELF (extreme low frequencies), or waves of extremely low frequencies, although the effects are similar to other forms of RF and EMF radiation, in the ELF’s case reactions become more complex.

In Blank’s study conclusion it was stated that DNA responds to radiation from the environment and the increased radiation in different types is the reason for cancer epidemiology, as well as different variations in the chemical revolution in the ancient geological history.

Simply put, the increasing number of cancerous diseases can be attributed to a variety of radiation in the environment that damaged and still are damaging our DNA.

Scientific analysis published in late 2010, under the title: “Non-thermal effects and mechanisms of interaction between electromagnetic fields and living matter” further demonstrated the mechanisms and effects of EMF on live tissue and DNA.

Wireless Evil

The mobile phone industry made a study in 13 countries in which the risk of getting cancer on the brain increased by 40% in patients who spend more than 1640 hours on their mobile phone. In an independent study, conducted in 2007, team from Sweden was found out that the risk of getting cancer is increased by 540% if mobile phones are used more than 2000 hours.

Dr. Devra Davis from environmental health trust, author of “Disconnect – The truth about cell phone radiation” is exclusively engaged in the study of radiation hazards caused by mobile phones. It was initially a complete skeptic regarding dangers of mobile telephony but after collecting toxicological and epidemiological evidence, her point of view has changed and she shares the following message through her lectures:

“The world should get rid of mobile phones, not only because this is dangerous technology, but because it is deadly. Biological effects of mobile phones on the human body do not lie in the signal strength but in its erratic nature which destroys DNA and its ability for renewal. This is the simplest reason why mobile technology creates cancerous diseases. ”

Cell Phones as a Cause of Cancer

2011 was the year when a study on how cell phones affect the formation of tumors in the parotid gland was published. Just a reminder, the parotid gland is the largest of the three paired salivary glands. It lies mostly in the jaw branch, covering the back edge of the tongue. Its body is in front of and below the earlobe on both sides of the head. This gland is known because its infection creates mumps – an acute viral infectious disease.

Israeli scientists have been researching the increase of tumors in the parotid gland for over 30 years, between 1970 and 2006. In 2006, the number of tumors increased by 400%. 2008, the year Dr. Siegal Sadetcki, chief investigator of the Senate of the United States, was able to identify the main culprit for tumors of the above mentioned glands. In his report he says that mobile phones are the main and most common culprits for:

  • 34% increase in the risk of tumor of the glands behind the ears if you use your cell phone on a regular basis for a period of five years.
  • 58% increase in the risk of tumor of the glands of the glands behind the ears if you use your cell phone for more than 5500 calls in a lifetime.
  • 49% increase in the risk of tumor of the glands of the glands behind the ears if you use your cell phone for more than 266.3 hours in a lifetime.

WHO (world health organization) says cell phone radiation is cancerogenic radiation

It is believed that today there are 5.9 billion mobile phone users, that is about 87% of the human population. On 03.05.2011, the WHO and IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), have recognized that mobile phones really cause cancer and the radiation from mobile phones put in 2B risk group of people. Classification is carried out in such a way that the study of increasing the number of cancer diseases, which are formed by certain influences, in this case, by mobile phone’s radiation.

In a study, published in 2008, it was discovered that pregnant women and their unborn children are particularly sensitive to radiation from cell phones. Scientists analyzed 13,000 children and found that radiation from wireless technology caused a number of problems during pregnancy.

This radiation influence slightly increased the risk of disorders that cause hyperactivity, lack of attention, problems with emotions, creating and maintaining connections with people and other behavioral anomalies. The risk will become even greater if the children use mobile phones before the age of seven. All pregnant women who have used mobile phones have increased risk of getting various physical and psychological anomalies in the health and development of their children by 54%. Statistics from this research looks like this:

  • The risk of behavioral problems in children due to their mother’s use of mobile technology is increased by 80%.
  • The risk of having emotional problems is increased by 25%.
  • The risk of having problems in relations with peers is increased by 34%.
  • The risk of hyperactivity is increased by 35%.
  • The risk of attention problems is increased by 49%.
  • Children are radiated even in their mother’s womb

In recent studies was confirmed that children, even those unborn, are at risk from radiation caused by wireless technology and mobile phones. Radiation can easily penetrate into the children’s brain and prevent the normal production of brain cells.

According to research by Professor Lennart Hardel from Sweden, people who use mobile phones as teenagers have 400-500% greater chances of developing brain cancer at the age from 20 to 30 years.

Get Away From Mobile Phones

In a scientific study, published in 2009, was proved that if you carry your cell phone in your pants’ pocket, it will destroy pelvis bones, or better said – it causes osteoporosis. Men who carry their cell phones hung on their belt or inside trousers’ pocket have lost pelvis bone’s density within six years of this practice. Researchers, with the help of X-rays, revealed that the bone was always weakened on the side where the participants were carrying their cell phones.

In a study, published in the publication PLoS One site, was discovered the following:

“RF-EMR (radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation), regardless of the intensity and frequency of mobile phones, destroys mitochondrial generation of oxygen within the human sperm, thus reducing their mobility, on the other hand, it destroys and fragments DNA. This research provides a clear implication on how dangerous it is for men who intend to have children to use mobile phones. Mobile phones potentially affect male fertility and their offspring’s health.”

Dr. Mercola also claim that: Cell Phone Use Can Double Your Risk of Getting a Brain Tumor