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Health Care Above All

Solarium Can Seriously Damage Your Eyes

Solariums are dangerous for your health. They significantly increase the risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma – the most malignant form.

But solariums can also damage eyes. However, if you can not make yourself stay away from the unhealthy “quartzing”, you can at least try to reduce the possible damage to a minimum. This means that the use of protective glasses when using a solarium is a must! Otherwise, experts warn, you could have serious eyesight problems.

Even though some women do not use safety glasses when using solariums, explaining how they do not want to get those white circles around the eyes as an excuse, ophthalmologists advise: Eye protection must always be in a first place!

If you believe that you can protect your eyes only by closing the eyelids, then you live in a serious misconception. UV rays from solariums can cause long-term damage, outgrowths in eyes and skin cancer on the eyelids.

“The skin of the eyelids is very thin and sensitive. Therefore it should be protected from UV rays. If you do not want to quit using solariums, you must use glasses. By not following this advice, you could face the appearance of a benign outgrowth on the conjunctivae, known as pterygium, said Dr. Susan Blakeney, an ophthalmology specialist.


Solariums emit ultraviolet A and B rays. They may be stronger than sunlight, because they are directed straight towards the face.

Therefore, ophthalmologists warn: We only have one pair of eyes. So if you want to protect your own kind, always apply proper care, whether you are “frying yourself” under normal or artificial sun.