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Health Care Above All

Sleeping On Your Left Side Every Night, Amazing Health Benefits

Obtaining and maintaining a good night’s sleep is always recommended if you want to keep a healthy lifestyle. Due to stress, constant activity and hectic life, we all need to give our body the chance to relax, without feeling the stress of the day past. The advised amount of sleep per night is about eight hours, which means we spend almost one third of our lives in bed.

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for both the physical and emotional health of an individual, and the same is true for the position you sleep in.



People tend to sleep in numerous different positions based on their comfort. However, you might not be aware that the sleeping posture can bring many health benefits aside from sleeping itself.

Sleeping on your back is not the best idea for many people, since it may cause breathing issues, while sleeping on the right side can harm your digestive system.

If you practice these positions you expose yourself to numerous health problems and may harm your sleeping process as well. Sleeping on the left side may be the key to maintaining a healthy body and here is why. This body posture enables digestive system improvement, because it gives the body the chance to accumulate nutrients and get rid of toxins faster.

Also, it encourages the circulation and ameliorates the cardiovascular health, which ultimately makes us healthier.

Furthermore, it stimulates the spleen function and allows bile to move faster through the body. This enables toxins destruction to be executed faster than ever, since the lymphatic drainage occurs more naturally.

The video of Dr. John Douillard talks about the perks of sleeping on the left in the video and explains how a simple body posture can enhance the human health.

If you are used to sleeping otherwise, give sleeping on the left a try. It might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will feel a great improvement.