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Health Care Above All

Simple Natural Remedy To Treat Tonsils And Sore Throat !

We present you an efficient recipe from the Russian traditional medicine, beneficial in treating sore throat and tonsils.

Remedy for sore throat, tonsils and tonsillitis


  • 1 beet root
  • 9% alcohol vinegar

Shred the beets finely. Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 250g beets, and 2 tablespoons to 500g beets. Mix well and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Filter the juice using gauze or plastic strainer.

Wash your throat regularly in every 2-3 hours, and you can also swallow the juice for better effect. You will soon feel the results.


This homemade remedy successfully cures chronic throat inflammation and purulent tonsillitis.