Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

She Cured Her Breast Cancer With This Tea! She Now Recommends It to Every Woman!

Women are very subjected to breast cancer, and this disease seems to spread significantly as years go by. The death rate is also appalling, with breast cancer being discovered late and progressed.

One woman found a wonderful cure that she now shares with other women around the world to help them treat this disease more easily.

The woman was also diagnosed with breast cancer, whose main symptoms are specific knots and nodes in the breasts. Also, there is a significant skin change when the disease is present.

The growth of the cancer can also be triggered by a higher estrogen presence in the organism.

For this reason women are advised to consume certain products that have the power to absorb the estrogen from the body.

This tea is one example of it:

A Lymph and Blood Cleansing Tea

Mix 15 grams fresh clover with 5 grams fresh St. John’s Wort and 1 raspberry leaf. Then pour hot water over the mix, cover and leave it for at least ten minutes.

Take 2-3 large glasses of the tea per day. Proceed with this treatment in the next two weeks.