Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Running Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases And Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease!

Running not only reduces the risk of heart diseases, but it also prevents Alzheimer’s disease

The latest research of the Stanford University in California showed that (middle aged) members of jogging clubs have less chances to die in the next 20 years compared to those who do not run.


“In 19 years died 15% runners and 34% of people who do not run”, stays in the conclusion of Eliza Chakravarty and her colleagues who conducted this research.

“But any other kind of physical exercises that move the body provide the same effect as running does”, says dr James Fries, member of the researching team.

More than 300 people included in this research were runners who were exercising for 200 minutes per week, while others who did other kind of exercises had just 80 minutes. “Running is good, because almost all the runners are nonsmokers who do not consume alcohol, which is an excellent way to prolong your life”, says one of the researchers.