Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Dr. Matthew Edlund: Resting Is A Key Factor For Good Health

Dr. Matthew Edlund explains how resting is one of the key elements, which guarantee a long and happy life.

Scientists have been long warning about the importance of sleeping, and lack of sleep causes numerous health problems. Now it is found found that even quality resting plays an important role in health care.

Namely, the U.S. sleeping expert, Dr. Matthew Edlund, in his new book “The power of rest” points out that people who can not sleep, can at least use the benefits of a quality rest.


According to Dr. Edlund, resting plays a very important role in people’s life, even though it is often neglected. Resting restores the body, but it also provides more quality sleeping, which makes it one of the key factors for good health.

Many of us are constantly busy and see resting as a weakness – a waste of valuable time. But resting is a biological necessity. Science is constantly proving this fact.

We need rest as much as we need food. During resting, every part of our body restores and revitalizes,” explains Dr . Edlund.

What does resting actually mean? Resting definitely does not mean you should lay in front of the TV, as many people think, because our brain still works while we are watching television.

You also need active resting, such as socializing with friends, concentrated breathing and meditation. Following this aspect of rest is a guarantee for good health.