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Health Care Above All

Potato Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Potato contains about 60 different phytocompaunds and many important minerals (calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron) and vitamins (B1, B2 and B9).

Potato is rich in vitamin C, which significantly improves the absorption of iron. Vitamin C is important for the skin. It is crucial for the production of collagen which is necessary for beautiful and healthy skin. Reduces scars and wrinkles, helps in removing dark spots on the skin and restores skin’s natural glow.


Potatoes contain carbohydrates, especially starch, protein and low fat level. Most of the proteins and vitamin C are found right below the peel.

According to the latest research potato contains many important biologically active proteins. These proteins protect the body from disease and premature aging, and also have the ability to reduce high blood pressure.

The results of a research conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Kansas (USA) showed that one kind of sweet purple potato may have anticancer properties.

Scientist Soyoung Lim, who led the research, believes that this kind of sweet potato contains large amounts of anthocyanin in its purple peel – an antioxidant that gives its purple color, which can be effective against cancer.