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Photo: What Can We Learn From A Pack Of Wolves?

The photograph that has surfaced on the media lately has once more proven that animals have bigger sense for organization and community than people will ever have.

The photograph showcases a pack of wolves on the move, and it was taken at the National park Vanatori- Neamt in Romania. On the photo we can see a perfect system example of why wolves are more capable than some people in remaining social.

The pack of wolves is competitive with one another about many things and the winner is always the Alpha wolf- the head of the pack.


However, on the photograph we can notice a pack of wolves that obviously knows the number of their members. The first three leading wolves are the older and sick wolves.

Otherwise, the entire pack would be exposed at the risk of dying. The head of the pack is positioned as such so the movement can be easier through the snow.

They may be slower than expected and their rhythm may be interrupted, but these wolves are here to protect the pack. If attackers come along the way, these will be the first wolves to die.

Behind the first three follow the five strongest and fastest wolves that also serve as scouts and protectors of the female wolves, which are 11 in number, behind the 11 female wolves there are also another five strong and fast male wolves, which are in charge of protecting the females as well, but also protect the head of the pack. The Alpha is usually at the end of the line.

Although it may seem that he is far behind the pack, the leader has great visibility at what is happening and gives out orders and coordinates the line so they could survive.

Remember one thing- being the leader does not mean you need to be upfront and first in everything.

The leader always acts from the shadows.