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Omeprazol: It is a Gastric Protector that Harms Your Health! Diffusion!

Does the Omeprazole Have Side Effects? Is it Really Dangerous?

The Omeprazole, which is more than gastric protector, is widely known as a potent inhibitor of gastric acid. With having this beneficial property, the Omeprazole is extremely necessary for our body since it eliminates microbes and regulates digestion. So why is it considered as dangerous for your health?

Many people have chosen to take this medication when they are experiencing gastric discomfort or certain ailments. Even though it is seen as a hero, the Omeprazole can be a villain to your general health, in just a few years of consumption.

The Omeprazole is dangerous because it can make you addicted. If you suffer from gastritis, you will make the consumption of Omeprazole a habit in your life since it can be used very frequently.

Anemia, depression, dementia and a large number of neurological damage can be consequences of the regular consumption of this medication. This happens because the use of this medication for more than one year affects the absorption of vitamin B12, which leads to serious damage to the health.


The dangers of Omeprazole for our health

The production of red blood cells in our organism is directly related to the vitamin B12. If our body starts to have problems absorbing this vitamin, we will experience symptoms related to fatigue and frequent fatigue.

Omeprazole can affect our overall health since it can seriously harm our central nervous system.

Fractures, bone and muscle problems can also be the consequences of the regular consumption of Omeprazole. This happens because the Omeprazole can also affect the calcium absorption of the body, which leads to serious health problems.

Respiratory problems, particularly in older people, are associated with the use of Omeprazole. According to Monica Hidalgo, Ph.D. in pharmacy at the National Center for Drug Information (Cimed) at the University of Costa Rica, we can protect our organism from a large number of viruses and bacteria, which are related to respiratory conditions, with the use of gastric acid.

However, the gastric acid diminishes when we consume Omeprazole in a habitual way. In this way we provide passage to many harmful and toxic agents to our organism, which is certainly not good for our health.

One research was recently conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Institute in the US, and it was based on the dangers of the Omeprazole to our health. This research was conducted on 26 thousand patients.

One group consumed a certain amount of Omeprazole every day over two years, and another group had never consumed this medication in their life. The final results from this research were shocking.

The group of patients that consumed Omeprazole had a 65% risk of vitamin B12 deficiency compared to the group of patients who had never consumed this medication in their life.