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Nobody Talks About These 6 Foods from China Filled With Fake and Toxic Ingredients

China is famous for its fine cuisine that is rich with unique meals. However, lately a bad word is spread about China’s food industry for its troubling lack of standards, and there is a good reason behind this.

It is easy to understand why people from all around the world are avoiding food imports from China.

China has been trying to create outrageously-toxic fake products and food items for a very long time now. There is no evidence that these products have been sold in the United States, but sites like eBay and have been shipping some of the Chinese toxic products. Sometimes they sell it openly and sometimes these products are being discreetly shipped straight from the country.

The following list contains just several examples of illegal harmful food products from China.This will definitely make you think twice before buying these kinds of products from online sources, which ship from across the ocean.

  1. Imitation eggs


Apparently, some Chinese websites can teach you how to make $70 daily by making and selling fake eggs.

These fake eggs are made from chemicals such as Alginic Acid, Potassium Alum, Gelatin, Calcium Chloride, water and artificial colors.

The eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate. If you consume these eggs, you may start to suffer from memory-loss and dementia.


  1. Walnuts stuffed with cement


In 2012 one man found broken concrete pieces inside shelled walnuts, which he purchased in Zhengzhou city,China.

The concrete was wrapped in paper and the reason behind that was to prevent the walnut from making a strange noise when it was shaken.

The person who sold these walnuts was trying to earn more money since these fake walnuts weight more than the real ones. If you want to see more photos, visit the following Chinese news site.


  1. Making beef out of pork


Some Chinese restaurants sell pork instead of beef since the pork is less expensive in China. However, they involved the chemistry with this. In order tosucceed in making this, they use beef extract and a glazing agent to ‘marinate’ the meat for 90 minutes.

Doctors say that people should not implement this type of ‘meat’ in their diet since its long-term consumption may cause slow poisoning, deformity and even cancer.


  1. Baby formula

In 2004, CBS News reported that 47 people were accused of producing and selling fake instant baby formula. This resulted in the death of dozens of children in Fuyang, China.

The formula contained few nutrients, and was probably made of chalk. The children who were fed with the formula developed the “big head disease”, which resulted in swelling of the head and deterioration of their bodies.

  1. Fake sweet potato noodles

In 2011, a lot of people complained that the sweet potato noodles they have purchased, tasted strange. One facility in Zhongshan city, China made at least 5.5 tons of fake toxic noodles.

The investigation reviled that these noodles were made of corn, paraffin wax and an industrial ink that gave them the purple color.

  1. Fake ginseng

For over 3,000 years, the ginseng root, which is a popular medical plant, was used as a tonic in China. According to BON TV, many ginseng retailers had to figure out a new way of making profit due to the increased prices of the ginseng.

They came up with a solution, and that was to boil the roots in sugar. This made them much heavier, therefore more profitable.

Wei Feng, the Chinese medicine expert from the National Institute for Food and Drug Control, stated that this has become very problematic.

Retailers are not only ripping-off the costumers, but they are also stripping the ginseng from most of its medical values by boiling it in sugar.

The test showed that the fake ginseng contains up to 70% sugar and the natural one contains only 20%. Wei Feng said that the fake ginseng will not be able to improve people’s health.