Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Natural Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails

Strong and beautiful nails play the main role speaking of the way your hands look. You all want to use nail polishes in fancy colors, but the truth is that nail polish can damage your nails after a long use.

Some of you have genetic predisposition to fragile nails, while others do not have this problem. Maybe some of you have noticed that as time goes by, your nails look worse which is the main reason why you hide them using nail polishes in strong colors.

If you are one of those girls having problems with nail care, take a look at the following natural tips and homemade remedies for a quick result.


Calcium – The best way to have strong nails. This is the main reason why many women say that yoghurt helps them taking care of their nails. Try to drink yoghurt every morning and you will not only strengthen your nails, but the overall health as well.

Give your nails a nice massage – This will improve blood circulation and provide your nails a healthier growth.

Stay away from acrylic nails – This is the best tip you can get. Some women visit a nail salon even twice a month to get their nails “done”, but this doesn’t solve the problem, on the contrary, it just damages your nails even more.

Hydrate your nails – Olive oil can help you. Just soak your nails in olive oil and wait to see the results. Your nails will grow stronger and longer.

Drink a lot of water – Water is the answer to many malfunctions in our body, and speaking of fragile nails, lack of water and vitamins is the main cause.