Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Mothers Nature’s Miracle: The Herb That Makes You Immortal!

 You want improved stamina? Are you suffering from cardiovascular diseases? Do you wish you were healthier and upbeat? The Nature provides with a solution- the marvelous Jiaogulan!


Jiaogulan (lat. Pentaphillum Ginostemma) is a herb rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids that make this plant the best antioxidant cure on this planet. The Jiaogulan gives out plenty of antimicrobial, antispasmodic, sedative and toning properties.

The most important one is the high level of saponin gypenoside, whose content is three or four times bigger than in ginseng.

This compound offers high level of antioxidants, especially glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which are powerful enough to protect the body cells from damage. By doing this, the compounds prevent diseases from developing and enhance the healing process.

Antioxidants are particularly important for the body, especially in the fight against cancer, liver diseases, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and even aging.

One study, conducted on around one thousand individuals showed that Jiaogulan is very effective in reducing he bad cholesterol and the triglyceride levels. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that this herb can elevate the good cholesterol in the body and prevent the risk for heart attacks and strokes. Also, Jiaogulan improves the heart’s performance and can regulate the blood pressure by an astounding 80 percent.

Another research that included around 200 athletes showed that this herb can ameliorate the stamina and healing processes, which makes it recommendable for anyone who wants to work on their body performance. 

Healing the organism

Jiaogulan balances the hormones and reduces the blood clogs, especially in the abdominal area. This also increases the fertility odds in women.

The healing properties of Jiaogulan are especially significant for the liver and the toxins elimination process. Other body parts that benefit from this plant are the lungs, especially in case of bronchitis. Many studies have confirmed an amazing healing outcome in about 95 of the subjects.

Due to its qualities, the herb is able to regulate the metabolism and helps with weight loss and weight gain problems. It stimulates the digestive tract significantly and helps the overly skinny individuals feed on nutrients and build their muscle mass faster.

Ultimately, the Jiaogulan enables you to sleep better, which has been proven in about 90 percent of studied individuals.

The herb also helps improve many other body functions and organs including: blood circulation, immunity, nervous system, digestion, liver and spleen, energy levels, hormones, respiratory and urinary tract, etc.

Cancer treatment

Jiaogulan prevents the formation of cancerous cells and slows down the already existing tumors by stimulating the immune system. In ancient China and today, this treatment is provided along with chemotherapy and radiation, since it increases the body healing process. 

Jiaogulan Tea

Take two teaspoons of both dried Jiaogulan and fresh Jiaogulan. Boil them for three minutes in 2,5dl of water. Strain liquid from herb- the longer you leave the leaves inside the tea, the sweeter it will be. You can drink immediately or cooled off.

Jiaogulan skincare tonic

Pour some virgin olive oil over a few leaves of Jiaogulan. Then, store liquid in warm place for two weeks, until ready. Shake tonic occasionally. Then, drain liquid through gauze and pour into a dark glass bottle. Keep it in a dark and cool place. You can use this oil for treating problematic skin as well as for preparing your own face creams. The Jiaogulan stimulates circulation and leaves the skin glowing, soft and fresh.

Jiaogulan Tincture

Take a dark glass jar and combine one part of Jiaogulan leaves with four parts of vodka. Keep liquid in a dark area for 30 days. Shake twice a day until ready. Drain liquid with a gauze and keep it in a dark spot. This amount is sufficient for a four-week treatment. At first, take a few drops of the tincture and hold them under your tongue for several minutes. Increase the dose consecutively by adding 2-3 more teaspoons per day.