Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Low Blood Pressure? Follow These Effective Tips That Will Raise Your Blood Pressure !

If low blood pressure causes you problems, always finish your shower with cold water. You will get even better results if you do a massage towards your heart using a dry brush.

Put a Pillow Under Your Head

When laying on your bed, put some pillows under your head and back to make the position more comfortable. This will help you avoid dizziness.

Finish Your Shower With Cold Water

Showering with both hot and cold water affects the strengthening of blood vessels. Sudden changes of temperature make blood vessels spread and shrink, so they can easily adjust to outside conditions, for example hot and steamy weather.


Always finish your shower using cold water. You will get even better results by doing a massage towards your heart with a dry brush.

Eat Less And More Often

Blood pressure is at its lowest in the first hour after the breakfast. It goes down because the digestive system needs more blood to function properly. You can make this impact less severe by consuming smaller portions.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has many negative effects: stimulates the elimination of fluids from the body, hinders the work of the center of balance in the brain and slows the heart rate. In addition to this, alcohol has negative impact on the small nerve extensions that shrink the blood vessels, which makes the symptoms of the circulation disorders even worse.

Eating Salty Food Is Allowed

Salt bounds the fluids in the human body, which slightly increases the blood pressure. Rich breakfast and salty meals will make you will feel much better.