Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

Improve Your Heart Health By Consuming These Natural Drinks

Heart diseases are usually genetically inherited, but they can also be prevented and you can actually do something to stop this health condition from happening.

Pomegranates have amazing antioxidant power. The latest research explains how regular consumption of pomegranate juice can protect your heart by reducing the blood cholesterol level and increasing the blood flow to the heart.


The powerful antioxidants contained in black tea improve heart health. There is evidence proving that consuming black tea reduces the risk of stroke, lowers bad black cholesterol level, improves the function of blood vessels.

Few cups of this amazing drink can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Green tea also contains rich antioxidants which protect heart. The main difference between black and green tea is that the second is not fermented. A research conducted in 2004 showed that by drinking green tea tou can reduce the risk of getting coronary artery disease.

Dehydration can cause numerous risk factors responsible for the occurrence of heart diseases. When the body is dehydrated and lacking liquids, the blood gets thicker and the heart spends more energy to pump blood through the body.

Chronic dehydration can result in hypertension, high blood pressure, which can be improved by drinking water.