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Health Care Above All

Immortal Plant that grows around us, One Liter of Essential Oil costs 1800 €

Surely you have heard of many products that help in stopping the aging process, facial rejuvenation and hydration of dry and tired skin. Have you heard of the plant called Helichrysumarenarium?

Do not be surprised if you have not heard of it because world leading cosmetics companies want exactly that. In fact, when you find out that all the “problems” can be solved with the Helichrysumarenarium you will never buy their expensive creams and lotions again.

What is it all about?

Helichrysumarenarium is a Mediterranean plant that grows on rocky and sunny slopes, in rock crevices, abandoned vineyards and along the edges of roads. Ancient Greeks knew aboutits healthy properties and used it for wound healing.However, theHelichrysumarenarium has been long forgotten and a well-hidden secret.

Besides rejuvenation, Helichrysumarenarium has a number of other beneficial properties. It is an excellent remedy for bronchitis and cough, acts as a sedative, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, prevents the formation of clots, alleviates pain and strengthens the whole body.

There are many types of Helichrysumarenarium but the most famous one is Helichrysumitalicum. Its importance is recognized and greatly used by the French people that called it “immortelle” which translates to immortal. Immortelle is proudly keeping its name. And the reason is? –has an ability to erase wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and bruises.

The only flaw of this miraculous plant is the amount required for its transformation into essential oil, and therefore it is very expensive.

A ton of immortelle for liter oil

Why is immortelle so precious and desirable? The answer lies in the valuable elixir that this plant contains in a very small amount. In fact, immortelle contains a small amount of essential oil (less than 0.05 percent), but it takes more than a ton of this plant to obtain a kilogram of essential oil.

The nickname immortal was given due to the fact that it never withers, even after it is harvested. Anyway, its straight stem is covered in dense, silky fibers.It can grow up to 60 cm in height, with some subspecies even up to 90 cm. It blooms from May to July.

Also, you have to distil the plan fresh, not dry. Do you realize now why the cost of this plant is so high? That’s right – for a kilogram of essential oil you will have to pay between 1,500 and 1,800 €.

Many women around the worldare satisfied with the effects and growing this plant is becoming an increasingly attractive and lucrative business.

Immortelle in Serbia and Bosnia

Although this medicinal plant is tied exclusively to the Mediterranean area, it recently can be found in Bosnia and Serbia.

The change in climate has changed the conditions required to grow this plant so do not be surprised if you see this medical plant on beautiful Bosnian meadows and fields.

Even though the initial investments aren’t exactly low, those who are engaged in the cultivation of immortelle say that they are satisfied.

The largest number of customers of this valuable medicinal essential oil comes from the US and European markets, while domestic demand is still small.

However an increasing number of immortelle cultivators are expected and therefore the number of those who want to buy it will rise.