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If You Want to Know How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon, Just Follow the 5 Key Tips of This Experienced Farmer

Every summer day should start with refreshment, and by that we mean a piece of a juicy and tasty watermelon. However, you need to find the perfect watermelon in the market in order to provide yourself with a wonderful treat. Even though you may think that buying a perfect watermelon is up to being lucky, that is not the case.

In fact, there are several ways to spot a good watermelon.


  1. Field Spot

The first things you notice when you are trying to buy a watermelon are those weird white spots. You need to know that these spots are natural and are called field spots. The field spots represent  the area where the watermelon rested on the ground.

You should also be aware that every watermelon has a field spot. The juiciest watermelons have creamy-yellow or even orange-yellow spots. If you want to buy a good watermelon, choose the one with the gold field spot.

  1. Webbing

Do you know that you can discover the amount of times that bees touched the flower by the webbing of a watermelon? Yes, that is right. The watermelon will be sweet with more pollination.

  1. Boy or Girl?


You may not be familiar with this fact, but watermelons also have genders. The taller and more elongated watermelons are ‘boys’, and the more round and stout watermelons are ‘girls’. If you want to buy more watery watermelon choose a ‘boy’. However, if you want a sweeter one, choose a ‘girl’ watermelon.

  1. Size

Many people will state that buying a bigger watermelon is better. We think that we are going to receive a better product by getting the biggest watermelon in our carts, but in reality, the best watermelons are average in size.

When it comes to watermelons, size matters. So in order to get the perfect watermelon do not go for the too small or too big. Just purchase an average-sized watermelon and you will be satisfied.

  1. Tail


The ripeness of the watermelon is indicated by the tail. When a watermelon is picked too soon it has a green tail and will not taste very good. If you want a tasty watermelon, choose the one that has dried tail.

It is true when people say that the book should not be judged by its cover, but you can definitely judge a watermelon by its shell.