Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

If You See This “Weed” Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It! Here’s Why

Purslane is a lot more than a self-grown weed in your garden. Scientists have revealed its potential, and it is absolutely mind-blowing! This “weed” has many health benefits, and its leaves can do wonders. Finish reading this article, and you will never, ever throw it in the trash can again.

Purslane packs vitamins and minerals. It is abundant in iron and calcium, which makes it an ideal remedy for your bones. This weed lives up to 25 years, which is not the case with most herbs. It contains more vitamin A than leafy green veggies.


This vitamin prevents cancer. Omega-3 fats in purslane prevent heart diseases and stroke. It is 100% GMO-free. Having this into consideration, you better consume it more often. Purslane is actually tasty, and you can cook it the same way you cook your spinach.

You can literally add it to most savory dishes. Purslane packs tons of protein, which means it boosts energy and strength. This “common weed” reduces the risk of developmental disorders in children, such as autism or ADHD.