Health Care Above All
Health Care Above All

How to Use Your Fingers to Prevent Illness

The current time was assembled by an alternate approach to wellbeing and to human’s body. Thus, we are not ready to perceive early indications of a certain illness any longer.

The main thing we can do is go to the specialist and hold up for the outcomes, i.e. analysis. In any case, Ayurvedic medicine has supported a comprehensive way to wellbeing and body since old times.


As indicated by it, our body is a complete system that has distinctive systems to caution us that something isn’t right. Various types of illnesses, particularly serious infections happen when we disregard all past warnings.

Each of us has a regular capacity to listen to their body and reach a few conclusions. For instance, we can recognize the scent of sweat, pee, dung and gasses we discharge and we can infer that our body is over-burden with poisons.

Each person has the capacity to sense and feel these regular things.

There are elective strategies for judgment and treatment that don’t oblige much learning with the end goal for us to begin with the application. Su Jok (Su Jok – Korean: fist, foot) acupressure is such an example.

Like conventional Chinese needle therapy or Ayurvedic medicine, this strategy’s task is finding out about vitality’s meridians, which are connected with our bodies.

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