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How To Use Pomegranate Peel For Treating Numerous Diseases

Don’t throw away any pomegranate peels ever again.  As opposed to tossing it, dry it and keep it in your home. Pomegranate peel is a remarkable tool which will help you dispose of any sort of stomach contaminations. It will help you with regards to managing intestinal problems, too.

In 1999, there was an article “Forgotten Hypocrite and healing with plants” in the Russian paper, in which a protected formula, by G. I. Glubokov, was composed. The formula was about treating appendix inflammation cholera, dysentery, salmonella, diarrhea etc.


The last medication was patented in 1996. This medication was tried into a therapeutic institution. Something else that was tried was this present drug’s capacity to inhibit pathogenic microscopic organisms “in vitro”.

In this piece of the article we will present to you interpreted article from the previously stated Russian papers.

Preparation of tea from dried pomegranate peel:

The degree between pomegranate peel and boiling hot water ought to be, not all the more, not less, yet 1:20. Put 10-12 grams of dried pomegranate peel in formerly warmed measure or glass and spill 6.5 oz / 200 ml of bubbling water over it.

Cover up the mug/glass with some top and let it stay that way for 25 to 30 minutes. You can drink the fluid after that time has passed. Don’t discard the peels. The healing process starts right here.

The arrangement of this solution is the same for the greater part of the diseases which we had previously mentioned, the application is the particular case that is distinctive.

Healing within 5 hour: diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, acute appendicitis (appendix), dysentery, and salmonella. Drink the tea this way:

After having stayed that way for half an hour, drink half a glass of the tea. Don’t strain the tea! Then cover up the tea again. On the off chance that you feel better in the next 10 minutes, it implies you have had diarrhea and the healing is over.

On the off chance that you don’t feel any sort of change in the next 10 minutes, it implies you are experiencing some of these illnesses: diarrhea, salmonella cholera, typhoid.  For this situation you have to stay at home and drink the other half of the tea after 3 hours. The healing procedure goes on in the next 3 hours. You will feel better in the following 5 hours since the start of the entire healing procedure.

Healing within 7 days: bile ulcer, colitis (inflamed colon), ulcer on the small bowel. Drink the tea this way:

You can begin drinking the tea after having stayed that way for 30 minutes. Drink around  3.3 oz/ 100 ml of tea during the entire day. Verify you separate this sum into four sections (each one section ought to associate with 1 oz/ 25 ml). Begin with drinking the first part early in the morning on an empty stomach and drink the fourth part before you go to bed.

You should not drink this tea consistently. Drink it the first, third, fifth and seventh day. Don’t drink it the second, fourth and sixth day. This sum is simply enough for the healing process to be finished. In the event that you have to proceed with the treatment, verify you first make a break of 7 days.

You mustn’t drink alcohol during this process and don’t forget not to strain the tea. This current treatment’s perk is the way that all pathogenic cells in the gastrointestinal tract are ceaselessly pulverized. The solid ones stay untouched.

G. I. Glubokov (article from Russians daily paper called “Русскийвесник”).

The key for effectively treating is to give careful consideration to the pomegranate peel–water proportion, which ought to be 1:20. On the off chance that you commit an error with the ingredients’ degree, you may cause reactions, for example dizziness, nausea and headache.