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How to Treat Skin Lumps Known Like Lipomas? Remove Them Naturally

Lipomas, or skin lumps, are actually a growth of fat cells in a thin, fibrous capsule, which most often appears on the area between your skin and the muscle underneath it. They are usually small, don’t change in size, and have a mushy and rubbery texture.

They are not painful, but can move around your skin.


Note that lipomas are not cancer, and cannot become cancer. Usually, they are located on the upper parts, such as the neck, arms and armpits, torso and sometimes on your upper thighs, even though they can appear anywhere on your body.

Their removal is not necessary, but if they start causing you discomfort or pain, or they grow in size, you can use homemade treatments to eliminate them.

The combination of certain herbs and natural oils can be extremely effective for treating skin lumps. The most beneficial oils you can use are Neem and flax seed oil, so you should use them as the base for your cream in combination with some other natural ingredients. If your lipomas are painful, use the homemade cream to massage them, it will alleviate the discomfort.

Flax seed oil is abundant in omega 3 and omega 6 acids which successfully prevent inflammation. However, you must be sure that the oil doesn’t contain heavy metals like lead and mercury.

On the other hand, Neem has been used by the ancient Indians as a cure for skin lumps for a long time, due to its numerous medicinal properties. Neem oil is excellent in protecting your skin.

Cooled green tea is another effective base for your lipoma ointment. Although it is not an oil, it contains antioxidants which control the sugar and fat levels in the blood, and make it amazing for your skin.

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